PBC Sheriff James Mahoney Threatens to Rape Defendant

Judge Richard WennetFormer Judge Richard Wennet instructed Detective James M. Mahoney, who worked for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Judge Wennet’s courthouse building, to threaten, stalk and harass his ex-girlfriend. When Detective Mahoney first contacted this woman at her place of business, he announced to her co-workers that he was “going to have her on her knees by the end of the day.” When Detective Mahoney arrested her a few days later and had her chained and cornered in a jail cell in the Delray Beach Courthouse, he proceeded to verbally berate, belittle and threaten her saying among other things that she was a “worthless piece of trash… a piece of shit” and finally threatened to rape her stating that he was “going to fuck out her eye sockets.”

Detective James M. Mahoney continued to stalk Wennet’s ex-girlfriend and even sent her an email from his PBSO email address after she had already moved out of the state of Florida. PBSO did nothing with the complaint she filed and therefore, condoned these criminal acts against Wennet’s ex-girlfriend. When will the citizens of this State and America demand a change?

Here are the document from this woman's bond hearing wherein Sheriff Mahoney was questioned as to his lack of impartiality and conclusion that this woman was already guilty.