Political Free Speech Illegal in Florida

There’s no such thing as a small injustice or a minor abridgment of rights. If even one citizen is so deprived, make no mistake, we all suffer. In Palm Beach County, Florida, a sitting criminal judge, Judge Richard Wennet, had his ex-girlfriend arrested, denied bond and illegally imprisoned for four (4) months for allegedly putting her digital camera in “video” mode while she was partying with him on a public beach called Peanut Island surrounded by hundreds of people. On the video, posted onto YouTube, you could hear Judge Wennet saying that he liked women’s breasts. After viewing the video, Judge Wennet claimed he had a right to privacy and therefore, the video was a criminal act. On the video, you can clearly hear that Judge Wennet was told that videos were occurring and would later appear on MySpace and YouTube. Martin County refused to release the video claiming that it was contraband. Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County and Governor Charlie Crist agreed and all conspired to imprison Wennet’s ex until they felt she had learned her lesson–four months later. Hence, the State of Florida, along with State and Federal Courts, conferred that it is a crime in the State of Florida to tape elected politicians in public without their permission or knowledge. The law does not actually say this nor does State legal precedent support this, but the powers that be helped Wennet commit this illegal act of false arrest and imprisonment as a favor to yet, another dirty politician. Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that a right to privacy does not exist in public places, so even if Florida tried to legally argue you can’t videotape elected, public officials in public, that law is unconstitutional as it violates our Federally guaranteed rights. Why did this happen? Because who is going to stop them…no one, unless we vote them out of office and insist they be prosecuted for these never ending crimes against citizens.