Carey Haughwout | Breached her Legal Ethics

Carey HaughwoutIn 2007, Carey Haughwout, Palm Beach County’s elected Public Defender, represented a defendant without telling her for almost 3 months that she had represented the alleged victim, Judge Richard Wennet, in her case as his divorce attorney. The case involved former Judge Richard Wennet and his ex-girlfriend. The real name of the ex-girlfriend is withheld, because of the fear of revenge acts by the Florida judiciary and legal and law enforcement communities. Judge Wennet’s ex-girlfriend was charged with the crime of making a recording of Wennet as he spoke in graphic terms about bikini-clad women on a public beach. Haughwout acted as his ex-girlfriend’s lawyer, but failed to inform Wennet’s ex that she, Haughwout, had a patent conflict of interest because years earlier, she had represented Judge Wennet in his divorce.

Carey Haughwout Represented Wennet as his divorce Attorney

Carey Haughwout

Videotaping elected, political figures in public with or without their permission is not a crime. There is no right to privacy in a public place. Carey Haughwout helped Judge Wennet, her former client, illegally keep his ex-girlfriend in jail while doing nothing to defend her. She needs to be thrown out of office, disbarred and thrown in jail for this corrupt conspiracy and breach of her legal and ethical duties.