It's actually not a crime to use a video camera in public, but these corrupt politicians said it was so they could illegaly imprison a woman as a favor to Judge Wennet because he was embarrassed about the perverted comments he made about women's breasts on a public beach. Judge Wennet's comments about loving "Breasticles," were captured on tape and uploaded onto YouTube. Judge Wennet accused his former girlfriend for using her video camera in public without his permission and made sure she was charged with multiple Felonies and was facing 15 years in prison. Richard Wennet is a victim?Judge Wennet met with her Bond Hearing Judge in chambers prior to her Bond Hearing to make sure her bond was denied and that she remain in prison. This unethical and illegal meeting was arranged thanks to Judge James Martz.

Palm Beach County Public Defender, Carey Haughwout, helped former Judge Richard Wennet and the State of Florida illegally charge, imprison, and convict his ex-girlfriend because she allegedly used a video camera on a public beach which captured Richard Wennet saying how much he loved women's breasts and how he was going to masturbate later that night when he got home. Do you think it's illegal to use your video camera in public in the State of Florida? Well, this woman was denied bail, faced a potential sentence of 15 years in prison and was forced to take a plea serving 4 months just to get out of jail. Carey Haughwout was her Public Defender for months before she withdrew as counsel after finally telling this woman, I represented Judge Richard Wennet in his divorce, so I suddenly have a conflict of interest. All the while advising this woman to take a plea because, "We just all want this to go away." (Now that this innocent American had sat in jail for months).

Carey Haughwout represented a woman for months without revealing that she had previously represented the victim in this same case as his divorce attorney. This is blantantly unethical and Carey Haughwout should be prosecuted, disbarred and at the very least, removed from office. The fact that this woman was charged for acts which did not violate any Florida laws and was facing 15 years in prison for allegedly using her video camera on a public beach makes Carey Haughwout's acts that much more egregious. Using your video camera in public is not a crime. Elected, public officials do not have a right to privacy in public. Judge Wennet claimed he was a victim of illegal interception of communication and he and Carey Haughwout worked together to illegally imprison and punish this woman.

The voters kicked Judge Richard Wennet out of office and he leaves a 25 year history on the bench in disgrace. By the grace of God, he no longer has the power to illegally and unethically imprison people whenever it suits his sick and perverted desires. This woman was a former girlfriend of Judge Wennet and he made sure that she was denied bail by meeting with her bond hearing Judge, Judge Steven Deluca, in private, to ensure Judge Deluca would not grant her release.

If using your video camera in public, with or without anyone else's knowledge is a crime, then a whole lot of people enjoying and filming their family vacations at Disneyworld are in big trouble! Carey Haughwout encourged the Defendant to take a plea because, in Carey Haughwout's words, "We all just want this (illegal, political imprisonment) to go away."

Think a local politician's corrupt and unethical acts against the people whom she has sworn to defend doesn't affect you? It does. Until Florida cleans up its own disgusting, political backyard, the trampling of Americans' rights will continue. Get rid of these corrupt, elected officials by voting them out of office or call for their immediate removal from office. Take back Florida and take back our Country!

Carey Haughwout Hag